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Charity International

501(c)3 non-profit
IRS # 93-1369157 5/16/2023
Iowa # 749915
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Contributions, Charities, Consciousness, Culture, Crime reduction, Community support (alphabetically)
including the
Truth & Justice Foundation

Cause (alphabetically) Information Photo - architects & engineers - scholars - Dr. Stephen Jones - Dr. James Fetzer - attorneys  JREF - critical thinkers - test you can do - discovered thermite at WTC - students - Hunter's 9/11 work - 9/11 Truth Activists - 9/11 discussion - free 9/11 discussion - local group - research, discussion - forum for discussion - investigators

Association of Nine Eleven Truth Activists
Sponsor of the Annual 9/11 Physics Debate
to challenge any PhD or Professor of Physics
to defend the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11
and explain how the complete collapse of the WTC
is not in violation of Newton's Laws of Motion.

Rick offers up to .911 Bitcoin to the winner
to counter the claim that 9/11 "is not worth debating"

For the 10th year, no PhD or Professor of Physics
has come forward, showing that the OCT911
has no support of the scientific community
and we need a new, official, scientific investigation.

September 11, 2001 was the day that America changed.  Many people question the delayed and underfunded 9/11 Commission - even commissioners themselves.  ANETA calls for a New 9/11 Investigation.

The organizations to the left are funded in the order in which they contribute to a New Investigation

Army National Guard

YOU CAN - Link to the Army National Guard recuiting website

Volunteer in Computer Support. Ref:
Sgt. Cummings

Boy Scouts of America
Troop 108
Fairfield, Iowa
*  wpeE.jpg (1883 bytes) Web host, Co-founder,
Troop Committee Chairman
Computer Merit Badge Counselor
Eagle Scout  
Develop proposed Internet Merit Badge
Beta Theta Pi.US Fraternal and scholarly organization at
Colgate University
BooksForPrisoners.Org Helping to bring useful books to detention centers, to build literacy to develop job and life skills. 

Facilitate donation and orderly delivery of books to help inspire and educate prisoners to move on to productive lives upon release.

Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories

Lawrence A. Farwell, PhD
former Harvard faculty member

Brain Fingerprinting is the discovery of Dr. Lawrence A. Farwell which can help free the innocent, convict the guilty, and help the handicapped.

Investor, set up web site, computer and database support, training, hardware and software donations

Center for Advanced Military Science
PhotoStaff member



Capital PC Users Group wpe20.jpg (6620 bytes) Member, Board of Directors,
helping people learn to use  software, volunteer basis
Founder: ACT!, Access, FoxPro Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Children's School of Enlightenment

Volunteer, webmaster, contributor

Supporting Enlightened Education system of Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa Exposing the corruption of
Bill & Hillary Clinton   

Helping to rebuild Iraq, and introduce their citizens to an open democratic society, in the information age, through computer training, and user groups.  Set up non-government controlled Internet Service Providers.

Central Union Mission
1350 R Street
Chaplain David Surles, 202-745-7118
Helped in kitchen and with web site CentralUnionMission.Org
CHAWK.Org Championing Health
And Wellness in Kids
Ashlawn Elementary School
Community for Creative Non Violence (CCNV)
Florence Copeland 202-374-6465
Washington, DC
Helped with web site
Computer Training Center - training the homeless to develop job skills and get them off the streets near our nation's Capitol.
Electronic Freedom Foundation Electronic
  Frontier Foundation Financial support
Enlightened Sentencing Project
The Hon. Judge David Mason
Farrokh Ankelsaria, Esq.


A Judicial Innovation for Holistic Offender Rehabilitation utilizing the Transcendental Stress Management® (TSM®) Program
Donor, web site hosting, consulting, online videos

Fairfield Quiet Zone .org
Bill Blackmore, Chairman
Raising funds to put barriers up at railroad intersections, so that people can have peace and quiet without loud train horns
Fairfield Iowa Truth Seekers Society

Meeting in Fairfield Library
or via Zoom, to discusss
various truth related topics
Friends of  The Kennedy Center
Washington, DC
Contributor, Introduced them to first web site
Reserved and donated KennedyCenter.Org
Fairfield, Iowa
Web host, participant in World Peace Assemblies Helping people get started with and similar online job sources
The hit man on the 6th floor
Quarterly newsletter on JFK research

Helping to find out the full story of who killed John F. Kennedy
and why
Center for Judicial Accountability

Financial and technical support
Ken Roettger, PhD
Memorial Scholarship Fund
Fairfield, Iowa
Kenneth D. Roettger, PhD
Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Roettger was the Parsons College and
Maharishi International University Debating Coach
Founder, web host, webmaster.

Scholarship is for promotion of critical thinking ability, logical reasoning, debating and forensics.  


Student Honorary Society
for Colgate University Promoting manliness in men
as providers and inventors
Make men men again
Mensa Society

Mensa Education & Research Foundation

wpe21.jpg (2205 bytes)

wpe8.jpg (1821 bytes)
Social and service organization for those who scored well on an IQ test Increasing public awareness about meditation, and how it can be practiced almost anywhere. Web host, purchasing advertisement space in public transportation
NAAWP.US National Association for the Advancement of White People Learning tips from the NAACP
National Association for Always Complaining People.
Everyone should stand up for their own race, family, and heritage.

National Guard
Washington DC

Help with computer hardware, software, consulting and training

National Institutes of Health

Web site development
by Oksana Shaddock
Natural Law Party
Arlington, VA
Fairfield, IA
NLP VA Logo Candidate for U.S. Congress 1996 on NLP ticket in Virginia
No Greater Love Foundation
White House Commission on Rememberance
Washington, DC
wpe1A.jpg (10010 bytes) Computer consulting work for organization to remember dedicated soldiers, first webmaster
Opera Camerata
Washington, DC
wpe19.jpg (4516 bytes) Web host, contributor
Peace Corps
National Headquarters
Washington, DC
Computer assistance
Republicans for Democrat Abortions   Tongue in cheek reminder that abortion means depopulation and loss of votes
Assisting in the adoptions of orphans by Americans
wpe3A.jpg (3242 bytes) Donors
Fund Raisers [photo_settle.jpg] Web site consulting
Domain name and trademark protection.
pro bono 
Steve Bhaerman

Shaddock organized and sponsored 2 events
in Fairfield Iowa to bringing joy and laughter

ToastMasters Clubs
logotitle.gif (13355 bytes) Web host, member
Competent Toastmaster (CTM), Webmaster
Transcendental Meditation Center
Washington, DC
Fairfield, Iowa
MMY Meditator 2320eads.gif (25289 bytes) Contributor, web host, volunteer
Sponsor for Arlington center
Truth & Justice Foundation
Washington, DC

Truth and Justice

Web host, contributor, consultant

United Nations Refugee Agency
UN High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR)

Web site development
by Oksana Shaddock
Vegetarian Society of Washington DC.

Vegetarian Resource Group

Web host, contributor, first webmaster
Visitors Services Center
1422 Mass Ave SE
Betty Gatewood, 202-544-2131
Helped with web site VisitorsServicesCenter.Org
Volunteers for an Independent Arlington
VIA Coalition

wpe23.jpg (2609 bytes) VIA Coalition

Web host, volunteer, contributor
Washington Shakespeare Theatre
Arlington, VA
Web host, contributor, volunteer
William Martinez Freedom Project An honorable politician and real estate investor from El Salvador arrested by the US without evidence, based on the questionable word of tenants who turned out to be drug smugglers.
Word Processing Association

wpe1F.jpg (4390 bytes) WPA

Co-Founder, 1985
Volunteer helping others find work
Training in Word Processing and Job Placement
Washington, DC

PE02002_.wmf (6446 bytes) Work For Home

Helping the homeless get off the street, and on  to self sufficiency through work assignments and placement by becoming part time or live-in helpful men or women. 
"If you're willing to work, you have a home"

wpeA.jpg (1293 bytes) Northwestern University
Center on Wrongful Convictions
Web host, contributor, volunteer
Volunteer, contributor
Similar organization in Sweden
Courtesy link

America Great Again
Donald Trump says "That's great!"
about teching TM to Vets
Founded: - to prevent corrupt Clinton from becoming President

TM for Vets

Donald Trump signature


Shaddocks making contributions around the World

 Monmouth College Bonnie Bondurant Shaddock '54 Shaddocks Give $210,000 Gift to Monmouth College

Roland "Shad" Shaddock
Bonnie Bondurant Shaddock

Shaddock Development Company High quality real estate developments in the Dallas Texas area
Project Gaia The Gaia Foundation exists to protect Malta's environment and promote sustainable living.
george-shaddock-our-author-of-the-month George Shaddock
Publisher, and Author
U.S. Navy
Submarine Duty

Chief Gil Shaddock
FTC(SS)-CDR Gold 59-63

U.S. Navy

Dr. Warren Shaddock as a Lieutenant. As a dentist, gives free care to the needy

Lt. Shaddock served bravely as a Communications Officer
during World War II, at close range with Japan and its fleet on the U.S.S. Calvert Attack Transport

Mrs. Shaddock served in the
Waves, and for many charities

Saskatchewan School Trustees Association GARY SHADDOCK

Shaddock is President of the Saskatchewan School Trustees Association, the province’s elected school board members and the voice of the public in education. The SSTA represents all boards of education in Saskatchewan.
Professor Shaddock has worked as a teacher, psychologist and team leader and is involved in agencies and schools through research and consultancy. His special areas of interest are developmental and intellectual disability, communication, employment, and accommodation support.
Elementary School teacher Dayl Lynn Shaddock


Philip Shaddock

Liberal Democrat


Stockwell, Sievert, Viccellio, Clements & Shaddock, L.L.P., William E. Shaddock

Other Volunteer Activities

Access Users Group  access.jpg (1135 bytes) Founder, BBS monitor - helping people learn to use Access
ACT Users Group act.jpg (1444 bytes)ACTDC.Org Founder, Chairman - helping people learn to use ACT!
Aurora Hills Civic Association Web Site Editor
FoxPro Users Group fox.jpg (1122 bytes) Co-founder
HP Palmtop Users Group Founder
Mercedes Benz Club of America
Greater Washington Section
Iowa Hawkeye Section
MBCA Logo wpe4.jpg (17051 bytes) Webmaster, Helping each other learn to fix and  improve automobiles, Web Site Editor
MUM Alumni Association
2000 Yogic Flyers Now Committee
wpe5.jpg (4054 bytes) Committee member, volunteer
Webmaster, volunteer, organized job fair
Pappas Tenant Association pappasl.jpg (2325 bytes) Volunteer, advisor
Educating tenants in their rights, and assisting them in the recovery of their security deposits in small claims court. act.jpg (1444 bytes) Scientific Research on ACT! software

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David Shaddock
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Oksana Shaddock
Rick Shaddock
Robert Shaddock
Warren Shaddock

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