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Charity International

For our work for truth and justice in Washington, DC

9/11 Truth

Donations for our work for truth and justice about 9/11.

James Fetzer

James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. support for the First Amendment and freedom of scholarly research publication, for world peace.

JFK Ambush Truth

Truth and justice about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Men Association

Men Association - Make Men Great Again

$1/month or $10/year

100% of donated funds go for outlawing anti-male gender discrimination and quotas
Moon Association

American Moon Association

Make America First on the Moon Again

Please donate for our work. Even $1 helps.

This helps support our work and office.


National Association Advancing White People

Inspired by our brothers, neighbors, and friends at the NAACP

NAAWP charges $30/year, as does the NAACP.

You can sign up for yearly billing, and cancel any time.

Thank you for supporting our work in Washington, DC. 

Obama Truth

Association for Barack Obama Identity Truth

Truth & Justice

 a non-profit can be an umbrella for other subsidiaries with similar missions

Divorce Preparation  & Prevention Advice on how to handle a pending divorce consulting and hopefully prevent it. 6 Lesson Course

Other Causes

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